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200 W Columbus Ave
Bellefontaine, OH 43311


Mon-Fri  8 am - 3 pm

Sat - 9am -  3pm

Sun - Closed


We take reservations everyday

until 5pm. Call 123-456-7890 

They say it takes a village

...and coffee is no exception. From the farmers who grow the beans, to the barista who passes  you your hand-stamped cup, we at Native Coffee Co are passionate about delivering the perfect cup of coffee.


Coffee Wizard


Brian Osterfeld and Mandy Benton came to Bellefontaine in 2016 to purchase Tangers Furniture on W Columbus Avenue, but they quickly realized something was missing: mind blowing coffee. Enter Braydon Campbell.

Braydon is a native of Bellefontaine and a long time friend of Mandy & Brian’s, but most importantly: he is a Coffee Wizard. He left Bellefontaine after high school to worked in the coffee industry all over the country, but he was ready to come home and we made a place for him just a few doors down from Tangers on the corner of W. Columbus and Detroit Street.

Simple Sourcing

Native Coffee Co serves up only the best beans on the planet courtesy of One Line Coffee out of Columbus, Ohio.

One Line Coffee is more than just a Fair Trade, Organic roasting company - they actually travel to the farms they purchase from to verify firsthand the economic and physical conditions of every step of the supply chain. They do everything they can to ensure farmers and workers are treated well and earn a livable wage. They work to tell the stories of their coffees, connecting all of us to the farmers in a direct line. The passion of the farmers is amplified by the passion of the roasters, and heightened even more by our passion in brewing these beans to perfection just for you.

At the end of the day, we all strive to make you feel good about the coffee you drink. Not only does it taste delicious, but the money you spend on your beverage at Native Coffee Co. will work to make everyone's lives a little better...

Especially Yours

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